Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Southern Voices on the Impact of the Financial Crisis

The G20 countries gathered for a special summit on the global financial crisis on 15 November 2008, but will the outcome help the world's least developed countries or will it do more damage? It is vital that the situation in the poorest countries is understood and their voices listened to.

IDS invited 21 thinkers, academics and policymakers from 14 developing countries to present ‘snapshots’ looking at how the financial crisis is affecting their countries and how it is being discussed and characterised by policymakers, academics and in the media.

'The debate in rich countries about the impact of the global financial crisis has largely ignored its impact on developing countries. But the instability in financial markets around the world is already spilling over to the ‘real economy’ in poorer countries around the world. It is vital that policymakers from both North and South understand how this crisis may impact developing countries and the implications for development policy.' Neil McCulloch, IDS Research Fellow.

Download the full report and individual snapshots from the IDS website.