Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Business minded: IDS at the party conferences

By Vivienne Benson

IDS has hosted a fringe event at all three party conferences in the last month asking the question 'is business the new aid?' - have a listen to the discussions that took place at the Liberal Democrat and the Conservative events.

Today, Zahid Torres-Rahman, Founding Director of Business Action for Africa and Business Fights Poverty posted his thoughts on the IDS panels that he partook in for the recent party conferences. He gave his thoughts, and set about answering the question 'is business the new aid?'

Business has been the hot topic at IDS, and particularly in the Globalisation team in the last year. We have listened to many speakers from NGOs, academia and the private sector giving their thoughts in our business and development seminar series. The next series begins on 25 October, and will focus on business working in conflict areas. Mike Davis, campaigner from Global Witness is the first speaker, and we will also be hearing from Hugh Elliott, Anglo American and Kate Meagher, LSE (among others).

Here are some other stories/events that might be of interest...
If the party conferences are anything to go by, it is clear we can't stop talking about business and nor can anyone else. Please post some comments if you have any thoughts...