Thursday, 12 January 2012

Business as a development actor

By Noshua Watson

This term, IDS' Globalisation team is teaching a new course called ‘Business as a Development Actor’. At IDS, we study the causes and effects of poverty at a number of levels: household, region, country, international, gender and so on.  But there is still a lot to be learned about the impact that business has on jobs, education, infrastructure, investment and innovation.

What I’m reading this week in order to prepare:
  1. Khanna, T., Palepu, K, G., and Sinha, J. (2005) ‘Strategies That Fit Emerging Markets’. A Harvard Business Review article that looks at how institutional voids in political, social, financial and cultural structures keep multinationals from investing in developing countries. (Restricted Access)
  2. Oxfam International (2009) ‘Oxfam Poverty Footprint: Understanding Business Contribution to Development, Briefings for Business No. 4’.  If business affects development, how are we going to measure it?
  3. Les nantis d’Haiti’. (2012). Le Monde’s slick and sarcastic indictment of Haiti’s business elites in its continued underdevelopment. Terrific photography! (in French)


CourthouseGardenCafe said...

Hi, I've been thinking about the private sector's role of development lately. It's papular with many donors, for (what seem to me) to be fairly obvious reasons.
One paper I've found useful is:
What do we know about the private sector’s contribution to development? Margaret Callan

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