Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What are the opportunities and challenges that arise from climate policy and climate change?

By Vivienne Benson

We want to know, from the business perspective, what opportunities and challenges arise from climate policy and climate change. Here at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) the Globalisation and Climate Change teams are hosting the fourth Business and Development Seminar Series which is focusing on Business and Climate Change.

Considering the vastness of ‘business and climate change’ we have steered away from the perspective which addresses the impact of decisions and behaviour of businesses in the development community, although this is incredibly important. But, we are asking how climate policy and climate change influences business decisions, and if and how businesses seek to have an influence.

It is imperative for academics and policymakers to understand what makes businesses tick if they are to going implement structures and policies that enable and encourage businesses to have a good impact on climate change. That is what this series hopes to achieve.

Jonathan Shopley, Managing Director of Carbon Neutral, will be opening the series on Tuesday 6 March and will be exploring the influence and impact of business on climate policy and development. Following that Manuel Fuentes, Manager of Renewable Energy and Climate Change Unit, IT Power will be addressing how climate change policy affects the rural electrification process in developing countries. Other speakers that will present include Iain Watt, Principle Sustainability Advisor at Forum for the Future; Del McCluskey, Managing Director, Environment and Energy Sector at DAI and Marie Rosencrantz, Consultant at Hystra - Hybrid Strategies Consulting.

The seminars are open to everyone, and no registration is required. If you cannot attend any of the seminars, they will all be recorded posted on the event page in the week following the presentation. Please contact me at v.benson@ids.ac.uk for further information.

This blog post was originally posted on the Business Fights Poverty Blog.