Monday, 10 June 2013

A matter of life or death? Logistics, distribution and driver safety in Africa and Asia

By Emilie Wilson

According to the World Health Organisation, road traffic deaths are the number 1 cause of death amongst 15-29 year olds in the world. Most of these occur in low and middle-income countries. In a bid to raise the profile of this problem, 2011-2020 has been a declared a decade for action on road safety

On 4 June, the Globalisation Team at IDS was pleased to welcome Gary Forster and Chris Cuninghame from Transaid, a UK-based NGO which shares learning and expertise around logistics and distribution systems. Transaid works with private companies, transport unions and governments in Africa and Asia. Supported by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and big corporates such as DHL, Michelin Tyres and Jaguar Land Rover, Transaid works on a range of areas including national essential medicine distribution systems, improving logistics in agricultural supply chains (getting produce to market), driver training programmes and emergency transport systems (for pregnant women needing access to health services).

Listen to the full seminar: